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Website Design and Development

Targeted Directories, Inc. offers customizable, professional website design and development because we understand websites are crucial to advertising, marketing, and messaging. Social media, blogs, and video are tools that, when combined into a website’s design, can help businesses stay current, interact with, and engage customers. We offer custom website design, custom interface design, website packages, and custom template designs. Combining usability, functionality, and visual design, we will work with you to create a unique site that meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Branding and Graphic Design

To us, graphic design is about more than aesthetics. Using any materials we can to differentiate your brand from the crowd, communicate ideas, and sell products or services is what graphic design is really about. Graphic design and visual branding are tools to attract and engage customers. Targeted Directories, Inc. designs fresh, attractive, engaging websites to represent your business, help build your customer base and build lasting relationships with clientele. By creating uniformity and patterns through logos on your signs, business cards, and your professional website, you represent and maintain the visual foundation of your brand. Brochures, catalogs and packaging are sales tools that if unique and attention-grabbing, can grab a customer’s attention and motivate them to buy your products or services. The Targeted Directories, Inc. team will help you use graphic design to make your website, logo, and packaging stand out from the competition.


Search engine optimization is another service offered by Targeted Directories, Inc. Optimization, by various methods, helps search engines to find websites. By improving and building a search-engine-friendly site, you’ll increase the visibility of your company and drive traffic to your site. It can be confusing and difficult to do on your own, which is why we provide the following services: SEO consultation; Analysis of your website’s technical infrastructure; keyword research; Revision of your existing website content; Analysis of your website’s link profile; Conversion analysis of your website; Competitor analysis; SEO web design

Application Design and Development

Targeted Directories, Inc. knows that selecting the right technology to deliver expertly-designed, advanced web applications with scalability, performance, and usability in mind is a challenge, but we’re up to that challenge! Our professional team of website developers delivers customized, complete solutions that work for YOUR business.


Manage work flow in a collaborative environment with a content management solution (CMS), a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to publish, edit or modify, organize, or delete content to manage a website from a central interface. Content management systems can help with behind-the-scenes tasks like automatic generation of navigation elements, tracking users permissions or security settings, and making content searchable. The ability to manage content such as blogs, news articles, events, or product descriptions enables a company or organization to seamlessly manage a site, making content management solutions essential to the business.

Mobile Development

Targeted Directories, Inc. understands we live in the age of smart-phones and other mobile devices. That’s why we combine the latest in mobile technology and mobile UI to offer our mobile development and management services. Making your company accessible at the customer’s fingertips gives you the opportunity to reinforce your brand, increase visibility, and connect to on-the-go customers. Our mobility solutions will help you market your business more efficiently and effectively.

UI Design and Consulting

Your website is the first impression the user receives. It is the face of the company. It’s important to put your best face forward, which means keeping your user interface (UI) up-to-date and using cutting-edge design is paramount. Targeted Directories, Inc. one of the top SEO companies, offers exceptional UI design and consulting because we know it’s all about the user experience. Interfaces need to be fresh and unique while still simple so they are easy to use, visually attractive, and present information in a way that is easy to understand. By combining a user’s familiarity with current trends in interaction and visual design, we create fresh, unique user experiences. Happy, satisfied, informed users can reduce the support needs and reduce costs. Overall, great UI design and implementation can reduce costs and increase business.

Cloud Services

Targeted Directories, Inc. offers end-to-end cloud services as a more affordable, flexible, agile, scalable way to access servers, databases, storage, and applications through the internet. Instead of having to purchase, maintain, and power your own infrastructure, cloud computing allows you to lower your IT costs by only paying for what your business needs. You can quickly and easily access the resources you need and accommodate your business’s growth by scaling up or down as needed. You don’t have to worry about limited capacity or excess. By using cloud services, you can focus your resources on building and maintaining your business, instead of the IT infrastructure.